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Cell Phone Water Damage Repair

The fact that most people take their cell phone with them everywhere they go means that cell phone water damage is something to be expected from time to time. Getting the cell phone repaired as quickly as possible is important so that you will be able to still have access to your phone even after being damaged. Remember that time is of the essence whenever dealing with this kind of damage. After all, the longer the cell phone has water in it, the more damage it will cause to the internal components.

What Damage It Can Cause

The different kinds of water that can damage your phone will cause different kinds of damage. All water will cause the risk of the electrical components inside of your phone shorting out. Even household water will cause risk of further damage because of the chemicals which are present in the water.

Pool water has a further corrosive material in it with the excessive chlorine added to the water. This acts like an acid eating away at the electrical components inside of your phone making sure that the internal workings will no longer be functional.

Among the most corrosive is salt water from the ocean. This will cause the cell phone to be subject to corrosion no matter how fast you get it repaired. The salt which is contained in the water will invade every part of your phone as fast as possible.

At Home Repairs

As soon as you have gotten your cell phone wet, there are a few things that you will need to do immediately. First, you will need to avoid the temptation to try and turn on the cell phone. While it may try to turn on, doing so while there is water inside will cause the electrical components to fry or short out. Remove the battery immediately so that it will not still send electricity to the cell phone. Take the cell phone apart as much as you can and allow to air dry. Never apply heat in a microwave or with a hair dryer as this can cause further damage to your cell phone. Find a water damage specialist in your area or online where you can get the phone repaired. Put your phone in a Zip-Loc back and give it to the water repair service. This will help you to get your cell phone back if possible.

Repairing your Cell Phone

Damage to your cell phone can happen at any time. Anything from getting dirt and lint in your ear bud jack to getting a crack in the face can happen at any time. This is why it is important to make sure that you have a good repair guide. Taking your phone to a repair shop will cost you a lot of money if you are taking it to the wrong places. Repairing it on your own is possible with the right equipment and the right guide.

What about the Warranty?

Most manufacturers will cover any defects in the production of the phone. They will not cover any kinds of problems which happen through regular use. If you do have your phone repaired by your carrier, it will be covered by the warranty from any defects. If you repair it on your own, you will not have the same coverage. This is dues to many people repairing the phone on their own to repair things like water damage.

Guides for Repairing At Home

There are a few simple fixes that you will be able to complete on your own without any special tools. As long as you do not have a sealed phone like an iPhone, you will be able to replace the battery very easily whenever it goes dead. Simply remove the back cover and you should see the battery easily. Remove the battery and replace it with one you bought from the store. Every battery door is different, so make sure that you are reading your instruction manual for this.

Another quick fix that you will be able to do is to dry out your phone if you ever drop it in water. Simply remove the battery and take it apart as much as you can. Leave it out in the open air on a towel for at least 24 hours. It is best if you can leave the phone for 48 hours to make sure that any water has been able to dry out of it. Avoid the temptation to try the phone as you can destroy it.

Taking it to the Pros

It is good to know your limitations. Always make sure that you are taking your cell phone in to be repaired for anything that you are not comfortable doing or something which will void your warranty. You can get guaranteed work to restore your cell phone to operational condition.

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Returning Home from Reports

Returning Home from Reports

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A DIY Guide for Cell Phone Repair

Having a good operating cell phone is possible as long as you realize all of the different ways that you will be able to accomplish DIY guide cell phone repair. You will be able to save the money of taking your cell phone to an expert by doing your own repairs. You will need to make sure that you are getting all of the right gear to accomplish all of the kinds of repairs that you want to do. You will also need to make sure that you understand how to use these to make sure that you have a properly working cell phone at all times.

Fixing Broken Items

If you know that you have broken items in your cell phone like a cracked face or a broken antenna, you will need to buy new parts so you can replace them. Something like an antenna will be easy to replace as you will only need to screw it in place. Repairing a cracked screen is a little more difficult as you will need to completely disassemble the phone and put it back together.

Getting kits for replacing your cell phone parts is the easiest way that you will be able to make sure that you are able to make the repairs on your own. They will contain all of the components you will need to completely replace certain parts of your phone.

Cleaning Your Phone

A clean phone always works better. Communication between wires and power from the battery will be able to get through easier. If you have buttons, cleaning the buttons will help to make sure that they will not get stuck while you are trying to use it. Among the best ways that you will be able to clean these buttons is whenever you are using something like an ultrasonic cleaner. These use bubbles which are used to completely scrub the buttons in the crevasses as well as in all of the different kinds of nooks and crannies that you might have.

Another item that you might want to have whenever cleaning the cell phone is a lint-free cloth. This will help you to remove any dust or dirt from inside of the cell phone without having to worry about leaving lint behind. Buying the kinds of cloths which are used by the professional repair shops will guarantee that you are buying a durable cloth which will work well.

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Fix Your Cell Phone With Used Parts

Cell phones are very expensive and simply replacing them whenever they are not working properly is not always an option. Repairing the phone can be just as expensive as replacing it whenever you have to get certain parts from the manufacturer.

To save money on the parts, you will be able to buy used parts cell phone fix kits. These include the used parts you can utilize in repairing your phone as well as necessary components to install the part. Of course, you can always just buy the part by itself.

Used versus Refurbished

It is important not to confuse the term used with refurbished. While both parts have been used before, those which are sold as used generally have nothing but a light cleaning separating you and the previous owner. These parts will be tested to ensure that they are operational as long as you are buying from a reputable seller.

Parts which are sold as refurbished have been worked on to replace or recondition any of the different elements which might wear out or which needed to be upgraded. Things like a comm board are generally worked on in this fashion before being resold. This is because they can be worn out or be out of date.

Where to Buy Used Parts

The best place you can buy the used parts that you desire is online. Not many of the manufacturers will sell used parts, but some of the carriers will. Seek out the websites which have good reviews for selling quality parts. These parts are stripped from old phones which have been traded in or have been sold or recycled. Any memory has been wiped from the circuitry so that it will be just like new whenever you get it.

Used Parts from a Repair Shop

If you are having your phone repaired by a repair shop, make sure that you are talking to them about the parts that they will use. Many will offer to repair using used parts while others will need to be asked. The difference in price will make it almost affordable to get your cell phone repaired in this manner.

Some shops will even allow you to buy your own parts for them to install. This is not to be expected as most shops prefer to use certain parts since their guarantee will be on the part once it is installed.

iPhone Battery Replacement

The iPhone is equipped with a durable lithium battery to power the device. In order to ensure that it runs properly, apply the charge cycle at least once in a month. For this, you fully charge the device and use it till it runs down completely. Certain factors reduce the battery life (length of time that your phone runs before recharging), some of which are, using location services, push applications, auto-checking email accounts, and frequent retrieving of emails. Consequently, reduce the use of these facilities and you will notice significant improvement in performance.

Every consumer is given a replacement warranty for one year, provided that the original battery is a defective one. There is another plan for increasing the coverage to two years, from the date of mobile phone purchase. Purported for the interest of users, this plan offers replacement with a minimal service fee, if the carrying capacity drops below 50 percent of the original performance, during the coverage period. At any point of time, extend the life by updating the latest software released by Apple.

Battery Replacement Program
Under the replacement program, the company offers services with charges of $79 plus local tax extra, if the problem is exclusively related to decreased carrying capacity of the original one. However, this service is not available, if the reduced life is caused due to accident or any other negligent reason from the consumer’s side. For better understanding, you can go through the terms and conditions discussed under the said program. If you are confirmed that you can avail the company’s service, then only proceed for this program.

There is no doubt that Apple is a reputable brand with user-friendly products. But, when it comes to repairing the devices with do-it-yourself tips, the tasks are quite risky and challenging. Similarly, replacing an iPhone battery is not an easy project. As it is sealed tightly with the device, getting rid of the battery by regular tools is very difficult. Nevertheless, with a little patience and time, you can replace it on your own. You will need an X-Acto knife and micro screw drivers, of both, cross head and flat head types.

The basic replacement instructions are separating the existing battery from the device, desoldering it, and then soldering the new one. You can purchase a replacement kit, containing the main battery and opening tools from retailers. It may cost somewhere around $25-$30 and offers a 6 months guarantee. You may also come across advertisements that offer this service for as low as $6 or $9. Ensure that you purchase a kit from a reputable supplier, that provides a guarantee period.

DIY iPhone battery replacement is a cost-effective and time saving alternative to contacting Apple. However, to avoid unnecessary damage, go through the user manual and step-by-step directions for the process. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling your phone and purchasing a new one. Be patient and use correct tools. Last but not the least, follow the tips to increase cell phone battery life , in order to enjoy a longer talk time before your phone needs recharging.

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