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How to Choose a Cell Phone Provider

Whether you are purchasing your first cell phone or are unhappy with your current cell phone provider, choosing the right company for your cell phone service can seem like a daunting task at first. There are a lot of different cell phone providers out there for you to choose from and making the right decision can help ensure that you are pleased with your cell phone service for the length of time that you have your phone. Luckily, you can make sure that you choose the right cell phone provider if you ask yourself a few questions.

For instance, first you should decide whether you would like to go with a prepaid cell phone provider or if you would like to sign up for a contract. Prepaid cell phones are a good choice if you have bad credit or if you don’t have any credit at all, and they are also nice if you don’t want to get stuck in a contract for a period of 24 months or so. If you choose a contract plan, however, you can often get better deals on great phones without having to pay so much for them out of pocket.

Then, you have to look at the area that you live in and the phones that work best in your area. Although most of the major cell phone providers do have service in most areas, some phones work better in rural areas than others. You also have to ensure that you won’t be roaming in the area where you live or work.

Once you have narrowed down your decision to a few different cell phone providers, you can start getting a little pickier. For instance, you can look at the monthly service charges and the types of features that will be included for each price. It’s important to look at how much you will be using the Internet, how many minutes you will need every month and whether or not you like to send text messages so that you can find the plan that is best for you. You might also want to look into things like family plans if you would like to invest in a phone for your entire family.

Lastly, you can look at the phones that are offered. Taking the time to choose the right phone can help ensure that you get even more from the cell phone provider that you choose.

How to Find the Cheapest Cell Phones

phonesShopping for a new cell phone can be quite exciting, especially if you plan to upgrade from your current model or style. When you want to find a new cell phone for yourself but you are on a budget, searching for the cheapest cell phones can be done by utilizing both online and local resources.

Check Your Upgrade Options

Any time you are thinking of purchasing a new cell phone, calling your current cell phone provider is highly recommended to inquire about any upgrade options you may have available. Many times, upgrading your cell phone with your current plan will help to drastically reduce the cost necessary in order to get a phone you desire. If you have a contract in place with a cell phone provider that is about to be renewed, chances are high that you can upgrade the current phone you own to a newer model or entirely new phone altogether for less.

Consider Refurbished Cell Phones

You can also consider purchasing used and refurbished cell phones at local cell phone providers or online. Refurbished phones that were once used may work in nearly-perfect condition and are only a fraction of the cost of paying full retail price.

Review Cell Phones Online

Another option to find the cheapest cell phones for you and your entire household is to compare cell phone options online. You can compare cell phones based on features, price and even the type of service providers the phones are compatible by doing so online. It is also important to read real reviews of cell phones before you make a decision in order to ensure you are investing in a product that is reliable and works well with the service provider you have in mind. Reviewing cell phones online helps to eliminate overpriced phones and phones that do not fall within any budget you may have set.

Contract VS. Pay-As-You-Go Phones

Choosing between signing in to a new contract with your cell phone provider or purchasing a “pay as you go” phone is another choice you should make before you begin shopping around. Contract phones often provide more discounts with longer signing terms, whereas pay as you go phones eliminate the need for contracts while allowing you to use modern phones at higher purchase prices. Determining whether a contract or a pay as you go phone is right for you will help you to find the right option when you begin to shop.

How Cell Phone Reviews Can Help You with Your Cell Phone Purchase

Purchasing a cell phone isn’t as easy nowadays as it used to be. There are endless options when it comes to cell phones, and it is important to put some thought into the phone that you will be purchasing to ensure that it will suit your needs. Looking at the features that each phone offers can help you find the phone that will work for what you need it for, and you can also compare prices until you find a phone that suits your budget and personal needs. However, using cell phone reviews is also a useful way of finding out more about phones before you purchase them, and there is a lot that you can learn by reading cell phone reviews before investing in a particular phone and finding out that you don’t like it.

For instance, you can read things in cell phone reviews that you probably won’t find in the specifications of the phone, such as features that don’t work well and problems with the phone that the company doesn’t want everyone to know about. For instance, you can find out if the phone that you are thinking about purchasing is glitchy or if a lot of people have had problems with their similar phones freezing up. Since it will be hard to get a real answer about these things from a cell phone salesman, it is often good to look at cell phone reviews so that you can find the truth.

You can also find out how pleased people were with their purchases and the prices that they paid for their phones by reading cell phone reviews. For instance, some people might say that the phone isn’t worth the price that is charged for it, and you can use these cell phone reviews to help you determine whether or not you want to spend the amount of money. You can also read about things like the cell phone accessories and applications that are available for certain phones by reading cell phone reviews.

If you are wondering where you can find these useful reviews, you shouldn’t worry; they are truly all over the Internet. Simply searching the Web for information about the phone that you are thinking about purchasing is sure to bring you several different websites with plenty of helpful reviews about both the phone that you think you want and others like it, making it easier for you to find the phone that is perfect for you.

Tips on Buying Cell Phone Accessories

Cell Phone AccessoriesIn today’s world, having a cell phone is commonplace, regardless of your location, job and whether you prefer send text messages or talking on the phone all day. When you are interested in shopping for new accessories for your cell phone, there are a few tips available to help save money while getting you the look you truly desire. Shopping for cell phone accessories can be done at your local cell phone service provider or by browsing for the type of accessory you want right from home, online.

Consider Your Needs

When you want to buy cell phone accessories, consider your needs and the type of accessories you need that will benefit you most. Cell phone accessories include rubber and plastic skins, earphones for music and media-streaming and even entire cases and cell phone pens that make it much easier to type, play games and navigate touch screens.

Set a Budget

Before you begin shopping for your new cell phone accessories, set a shopping budget for yourself to avoid overspending or paying too much for just one accessory that is not necessarily required to operate your phone. Having a budget in place will keep you on track, even when you are comparing designer accessories.

Choose a Theme

There are many themes available with cell phone accessories, regardless of the brand of your cell phone and the model you own. Whether you prefer plaid, polka dots, stripes or even a character or television-themed cell phone, having a theme in mind will save you time while you search for covers, pouches and earphones that are right for you. It is also possible to compare themes by browsing galleries and additional accessory providers online.

Shop Locally and Online

You have the option to shop at local cell phone retailers near you along with browsing for accessories and gadgets for your cell phones online. Browsing cell phone accessories online gives you more options to choose from and often costs significantly less than when you are searching for the accessories you want locally in person. Shopping online for the accessories you want saves money and gives you thousands of options before you make your decision.

Shopping for new cell phone accessories is a way to add personality and style to your phone and how you carry it each day. Using cell phone accessories allows you to show off your own tastes while keeping in touch with friends, family and even business contacts.

Seven tips to secure your iPhone from hackers

We store our whole lives on our smartphones, so it makes sense to take security seriously. Follow these tips to stop prying eyes getting to your sensitive information

1) Use a PIN or fingerprint security

With all the things we now use our smartphone for: email; banking; browsing; shopping, it’s dangerous to leave them unguarded. Locking your screen will protect your sensitive data and apps from meddling. Just go into the settings app on your device, then the general tab and “Touch ID & passcode lock” – from here you will be able to turn on either a numeric PIN or Touch ID fingerprint scanning. If you do use a PIN steer clear of the two most common – and therefore easily guessed – combinations: 0000 and 1234.

2) Or use a longer passphrase…

If you want more security than a four-digit PIN provides – after all, there’s a one-in-10,000 chance that someone will guess it correctly first time – you can opt instead to use a passphrase. To do this, go to your settings app, then “Touch ID & Passcode” and turn “Simple Passcode” off. This will allow you to create a longer and more complex passcode with upper and lowercase letters, numbers and other symbols.

3)Self destruct

If you’re serious about stopping intruders then you can tell your phone to delete all data if it thinks someone is trying to break in. Under the same page on settings you can enable “erase data” – this will wipe the phone clean after ten incorrect guesses at the PIN. If you have Touch ID enabled then it will allow you three chances to get your fingerprint recognised, then it will revert to PIN entry.

4) Privacy settings

You have dozens of apps installed on your phone and they all have access to various features or data on your phone: some can use the camera, others the microphone, some might even be able to look at your photographs. You’ll have had to give them each permission to do this at the time, but it’s easy to lose track – maybe there are apps you no longer use, and giving them access is an unnecessary risk. Go into your settings app and then the “privacy” tab. Here you will be able to see which apps have which privileges, and turn them off/on.

5) Turn off notifications

The ability to see a summary of notifications on the lock screen is handy, but if that gives away personal or confidential data then you could be in trouble. Remember, it will show the contents of messages you receive, your calendar for that day and various other things.

6) Disable Siri

Just as with notifications, Siri can leak data even when your phone is locked. An attacker finding your phone unattended can ask him/her all sorts of questions that could reveal personal information. To put a stop to this go to settings, then “Touch ID & passcode” and set “allow access when locked” on Siri to off.

7) Type it yourself

AutoFill is a handy feature that does exactly what it says on the tin: any time that Safari sees a box asking for your name, username, password or credit card details, it fills them in for you. This is fine, unless someone else happens to be using your phone. To turn it off, go to settings, then general and “Passwords & AutoFill”.

How Smartphone Trends Impact Hosted PBX

Trends in telecommunication technology market are looming up some of the great multimedia and mobility experiences. Tech innovations have brought a seismic change in our modes of communication. IM app, live website chat, video-conferencing, and unified communications – the business communication has become much more simplified, versatile, and enables your business along wherever you go.

The number of smartphone users has significantly increased with the recent trend of collaborative solutions emerging in the market. Parallel to increment in smartphone users, the smartphone devices are also, growing. And as the devices mature more sophisticated needs arrives. Carriers must enhance their networks are providing larger area coverage and faster internet speeds.

The emergence of 3G, 4G, and LTE is enabling businesses to quickly meet its communication needs and foster the faster integration between smartphones and its setups such as hosted PBX. Subsequently, this reduces the departmental, back-and-forth email flow which in turn enhances the corporate productivity. As, the collaboration between smartphone capabilities and hosted PBX set-ups are strengthening, the players of hosted PBX system will face a difference in following areas:

Social Integration

Social media has become a necessity and users can easily rely on smartphones as it offers integration with various social channels smoothly. Enabling users to communicate with other clients across various mediums and receive push notifications while keeping them connected on the prevalent voice calls. Integration of social channels is growing prominent among hosted PBX setups. Monitoring leads, establishing policies can be easily done with the help of hosted solutions. These channels are opening up wide opportunities for better customer service. Assigning tasks to employees’, reaching a wide number of users instantly; all can be done on a requirement basis easily.

Deploying Several Mobile Applications

Business dependency on the technology has now moved miles ahead of simple email and fax requirements. There are various applications like CRMs, ERPs, etc. that drive the business. Several mobile functions such as text and email can be successfully incorporated in a hosted PBX setup along with the mentioned business applications. Between call forwarding and routing services, users can connect their devices to a single system. Some of the mobile applications have been already incorporated and are recognized as a critical factor while choosing any hosted PBX solution. Taking a step further, besides just easy integration of applications in the hosted environment, many of the cloud platforms have enabled users to develop apps and run them in the cloud immediately.

Smartphone/Tablet Grow as Most Feasible Option

Smartphones have grown capable of remarkable feats. As LTE networks have started to expand its coverage all over the globe, the conventional boundaries have narrowed for tasks such as instant access to required resources, handling large files, and integration into CRM systems. The increment in the quality of 4G networks have streamlined the process of making and receiving calls via hosted PBX apps also, leading to improvement in service availability and voice quality.

Anywhere, Anytime Workability with Integrated Office Suites

Data can be easily shared across several mobile devices. Hosted PBX solutions are integrated well with office suites which allow salespeople and travelling workforce to work anywhere and anytime merely with an internet connection. This integration with office suites not only simplifies many of the tasks but also, enables the workforce to make and receive calls anywhere and anytime.


With plenty of smartphones coming in the market, supporting businesses have become much flexible than before. Productivity solutions, mobile time-management, host of vertical solutions and customer relationship management offer solutions to streamline customer service experience. Consuming smartphone trends growing in the telecommunication is like choosing the right technology mix to get the most out of businesses. So, explore it and start overpowering your competitors with best of technology.